Consultancy and transference

CECIC’s members participate on several initiatives and have advised the design of public policies in the field of scientific research, circulation of knowledge and circuits of publication. Among them, it is worth mentioning:

-Research Assessment. Fernanda Beigel’s participation at CLACSO’s FOLEC initiative and in the Institutional Assessment Program of Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

-Open Science. Fernanda Beigel is currently the president of the Open Science Committee of UNESCO.

-Report for the Argentinean Center for Scientific and Technological Information (CAICYT) on the diagnosis and opportunities for improvement of this Center.

-Institutional studies conducted at Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo and Universidad Nacional de San Juan. In all three cases, studies are focused on the production and circulation of scientific knowledge. The most advanced study is related with UNSAM (which includes an active agreement between IDAES and FCPyS – UNCuyo). This study has involved more than a year of work. Final reports will be submitted to the UNSAM by December 2020.