Studies on evaluative cultures

This line of research is nourished by the results achieved in various studies on the dynamics and characteristics of existing evaluation systems at CONICET and National Universities in Argentina. In 2019, we published the results of a study aimed at understanding the background of the categorization process corresponding to the last call of the Program of Incentives for Researchers (PROINCE), developed between 2016 and 2018, in order to see the impact of institutional cultures, “beliefs” and “resistances” that operate in the classification of researchers (whose funding came from CONICET and UNCuyo projects). The methodological design of the study included a double approach. First, it was based on descriptive statistics, institutional documents and interviews with key informants, which allowed us to achieve a historical-structural reconstruction of PROINCE: its beginnings, modifications and applications, its organizational structure, dynamics of operation, the role of CIN and the distribution of resources linked to the program. The second approach was based on participant observation at the evaluation committee during the categorization process and more than 60 interviews to evaluators were conducted. This gave us the opportunity to reconstruct the logics and dynamics of the evaluation process and understand how PROINCE is categorized and to what extent this category has recognition effects on the university community.

This study was the starting point for our participation at the Latin American Forum on Scientific Evaluation (FOLEC) promoted by CLACSO with the aim of consolidating a regional space for the exchange of ideas in relation with the meanings, policies and practices of the processes of evaluation of scientific work in the region and to reach a common and regional proposal on science evaluation. Dr. Fernanda Beigel actively participated in this initiative by preparing the founding documents that are available on FOLEC’s website.

We are currently designing a first exploratory approach to the new program that replaces PROINCE, called Program for Argentine University Research (PRINUAR) launched in March 2023, with the aim of identifying continuities and ruptures between both programs.

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